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Select date parameters, press “Mine Now,” and Time Miner automatically generates a report of your billable hours.

Boost Revenue

By finding a billable activity, Time Miner generates revenue. 

Time Miner
(.5 hours, .9 hours, etc.)

Weekly lost revenue


Monthly lost revenue


Annual lost revenue


Total cost of Time Miner (Monthly):


Total cost of Time Miner (Yearly):



Weekly lost revenue


Monthly lost revenue


Annual lost revenue


Total cost of Time Miner (Monthly):


Total cost of Time Miner (Yearly):



Time Miner is compatible with Android and iOS, and currently integrates with: 






Time Miner


All information and data collected by Time Miner is stored locally and is accessible only on your device. Time Miner uses bank-grade encryption & security to keep your data safe and accessible only by you.

Secure Data Centers

Secure Data Centers

Our data centers are ISO 27001 and SSAE Type II certified and are protected with the highest technical, physical and administrative safeguards.

Strong Encryption

Strong Encryption

We incorporate 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256) to encrypt data stored on disk, on the network and in our databases.

Continuous Testing

Continuous Testing

New features, functionality and design changes are audited with static analysis software, automatically tested and manually peer-reviewed prior to being deployed to our production environment.





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Contact us about enterprise-level subscriptions, or about customizing Time Miner for your technology environment.

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Deep Dive

Deep Dive is like Time Miner on steroids. It can go back in your email history for years and create timesheets for each email sent or received. If you are interested in Deep Dive, please complete the fields below and we will be in touch. Please note: Deep Dive is presently available for Outlook365 users only. The Gmail integration is in development.

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FAQ / Pro Tips

Time Miner is available for download on both iPhone and Android devices, however, neither Apple nor Android allow access to your smartphone's call/text history. This is where you'll want to take advantage of Time Miner's integrations with various VoIP providers, like RingCentral. In addition, Time Miner can find past billable emails from your Gmail and/or Outlook accounts.

Time Miner finds calls/texts/emails from contacts you add to the Time Miner app. If you do not add a contact to the app, Time Miner will not be able to find communications with that contact. 

Click on the ‘+’ symbol in the lower right corner of the app to add contacts. You can either add contacts manually one at a time, or select multiple contacts that will be pulled from your phone.  

Absolutely not. Time Miner is on-demand technology that only runs when you open the app.  Then, it only finds calls and texts for contacts that you add to the Time Miner app. 

Yes! Simply click the three dots on the right side of your contact, select edit, and press the “add another” button.  

Yes! Simply click on the contact, select the date parameters, and hit the paper airplane.  A report will be sent to your email address instantaneously.

Rest easy, if this happens you’ll just need to disconnect and reconnect to RingCentral on your profile page.

For you to take a photo for your profile pic! 

If you're having technical difficulties, have questions, or just feel like chatting please send us a text at 615-429-0383 or email us at


Go to the “Services” page, make sure your email account is connected to Time Miner. If it appears to be connected, try disconnecting and reconnecting. Time Miner periodically “times out” connections for your security. Also, make sure the email address for each contact in Time Miner is the same as your contact’s email address. Email addresses are case-sensitive!

New users may experience a delay in the first data “fetch.” Sometimes it takes overnight. This is normal. Time Miner will notify you when it has mined your contacts. After the initial “fetch,” Time Miner is fast. Like seconds fast. 

First-time users fetching past emails can only go back 30 days for your initial “mining”.  Example: if it’s September 30th today,  you can only go back and find emails back to August 30. After that initial “fetch”, you will always be able to go back to that August 30th date. 

If you need to go back further than 30 days on your initial fetch, please contact about a “deep dive.” 



Under the 'Services' tab is where you connect your services. Be sure to have your user credentials handy when you're ready to connect.

To run a report for all contacts, press ‘MINE NOW’ in the upper right corner of your screen, select your date parameters, and Time Miner will pull all of your billable activity for the referenced time period for all contacts you’ve corresponded with during the selected date parameters.

Press the paper airplane in the upper right corner of the home page to email yourself a report. For Clio users, make sure to check the Clio box to export time entries into Clio.

For Clio users, associate your Time Miner contacts with Matters in Clio. Do this by tapping the three dots next to the contact’s name in Time Miner and selecting  ‘Edit’. If you have connected Clio in the‘Services’tab, there  will be an option to‘AddClio Matter’ within that contact.  Select the appropriate Matter from the list that pops up.

First, make sure you have connected Time Miner to Clio. Check the 'Services' tab. Second, make sure you have associated your Time Miner contacts to matters in Clio. Do this by tapping the three dots next to the contact's name, tapping "add Clio matter," and selecting the appropriate matter from the list that pops up. Please note that time entries exported to Clio may take up to 45 minutes to appear in Clio. 

No PRO TIPS available.


Getting Back To The NEW Normal - Profitably Working Remotely

Getting Back To The NEW Normal - Profitably Working Remotely

Wed, 5 May 2021

Heading into 2021, lawyers and law firms everywhere are optimistic about things “getting back to normal.”  Returning to their offices and the on-prem tech and tools they sorely missed, the feeling for many is one of relief. 


Yet for some, the feeling is of unmistakable opportunity. These lawyers understand the disruption of the past year was not something to be endured, but embraced, because now there is a new normal, one that offers better tech and tools for the delivery of legal services. More profitable ones, too.


In 2019, lawyers in private practice billed, on average, about 2.5 hours per day. (See, 2019 Clio Trends Report,


2020 wasn't much better, with lawyers capturing only 31% of their billable time. (


That means lawyers “getting back to normal” are getting back to losing, or leaking, about 2/3 of every billable workday to non-billable activity. In light of this, their optimism is difficult to understand. 


The problem is not that lawyers fritter away their days. Rather, they stay busy working on behalf of clients and simply neglect to bill for everything they do. 


Typically, lost billable time is incremental. Lawyers don't forget to bill for a three-hour meeting, but often do for a three-minute email or a thirty-second phone call. Indeed, the average professional services business leaks hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue every year, factoring in minutes lost to smaller tasks. (Harvard Business Review, Gretchen Gavett; "Workers Are Bad at Filling Out Timesheets, and It Costs Billions a Day," January 12, 2015.)


Compounding the problem are inefficient and outdated time tracking methods, such as manual entry. (ABA Law Practice Magazine, Laura Keeler; "Tracking Time to Save Time," March 1, 2019.)


The lawyers and law firms who have reason to be optimistic about the future employ tools that allow them 1) to work from anywhere; 2) to bill from anywhere; and 3) to capture billable time for smaller tasks automatically.


Take Sean Martin, for instance. A lawyer in Nashville who has been practicing for over 20 years. His firm, Martin Heller Potempa & Sheppard, PLLC (, is completely cloud-based, from their phone system to their practice management and time and billing tools.


“For our phone system, we use RingCentral ( It allows us to make and take office calls from anywhere. We don't have to use our personal mobile numbers. Accessible by an app on any mobile or desktop device, we’re not tied to a landline either.”


For practice management as well as time and billing, Sean's firm uses Clio ( “With Clio, we have access to our entire practice from any mobile or desktop device. Client information, notes, documents—everything. Plus, billable time can be entered easily from any mobile or desktop device and invoicing is a snap as well. So much better than the old way.”


Time Miner ( is the tool that ties it together, automatically capturing billable time for RingCentral calls and texts and Outlook 365 emails, and then exporting time entries into matters in Clio. “Time Miner goes back and finds billable activity for typically small tasks, like calls, texts, and emails. It creates individual time entries for billable activity and exports that data to the appropriate matters in Clio. By automatically capturing time that is usually missed, we are adding directly to our bottom line. We love it."


By using RingCentral, Clio, and Time Miner together, Sean is able to serve his clients from home or the office—or anywhere else—and to capture all of his billable time for doing so.


While Sean considers himself one of the lawyers who sees opportunity heading into 2021, he's fine with sharing the view. “Lawyers should be using technology that enables them to do their important work more efficiently. Offices are great, I love my office, but I also love the freedom that the new tech and tools provide. I like being more profitable. Most of all, I like being able to practice law from my home or the park or wherever I happen to be.”


For lawyers who want to take advantage of the opportunities presented by the new normal, check out,, and The three solutions together will transform your practice and increase your revenue immediately.

You do your emails, let Time Miner do the billing  

Sat, 29 Feb 2020


Sean J Martin

Partner at Martin Heller Potempa & Sheppard, PLLC and 

co-founder of Time Miner, LLC


By 7 a.m. most mornings, I have read, responded to, or otherwise dealt with dozens of work emails. Sometimes more than that, all from my iPhone while drinking coffee and occasionally checking Twitter. Many of you can probably relate. 


And while it can feel good to clear your inbox and be responsive to clients and opposing counsel, it can also feel like you've only added to your workload, because you have to go back and create time entries for all of those communications. Either that, or not get credit for your work. 


Time Miner was developed with this exact scenario in mind. By connecting Time Miner to your Outlook365 or Gmail account, you do not have to worry about billing for emails as you go, or scrolling through your mailbox looking for billable time. 


At the touch of a button, Time Miner goes back, finds billable emails, and creates individual time entries for you. Then it emails you or your assistant a detailed timesheet. Clio users can export time entries directly to matters in Clio, effectively automating the entire process of billing for your email communications. 


In this fashion, Time Miner is both a productivity tool and a revenue generator. It frees users from the annoying chore of contemporaneous billing, while at the same time adding billable time, and therefore dollars, to the bottom line every time you use it. At only $12.99/month, it's worth checking out. #provemewrong

Show Your Work With Time Miner

Mon, 25 Nov 2019

“Show your work.” You have heard it since elementary school. “Show your work so I know you did it.” A lesson in being proactive and transparent, showing your work comes naturally to lawyers. That is, in every respect except for billing. 
Attorneys spend hours organizing their briefs, sourcing facts and quotes, and researching and explaining the law. Yet when it comes to billing for the time it took them to do so, many simply wing it. When filling out timesheets for the previous week, month, or even year a majority of attorneys rely on a combination of unreliable methods to account for their time. 
Some use their memories of what they did. Others rely on scribbled notes. Some scroll their email or phone logs and find billable time that way. Even attorneys who record their billable activity contemporaneously find their timesheets lacking at the end of the month. “I know I did more than that,” they say. 
The problem for attorneys is twofold. First, attorneys are not paid for billable time that never makes it to a bill. The fact is, attorneys are not always paid for time that does make it to a bill, so making sure that all their time is accounted for is key.
Second, attorneys are not given credit for activity that never makes it to a bill. Clients are entitled to know and often like to see all you are doing on their behalf, and transparency regarding your efforts is reassuring, whether you bill for all of them or not. 
Time Miner is a retroactive time capture solution that helps attorneys show their work. It goes back and automatically finds time for past billable calls, texts, and emails and gives clients a complete picture of what you did for them. 
In addition, at only $12.99 per month, Time Miner is a cost-effective revenue generator for attorneys and other professionals who bill by the hour. Check out the ROI calculator

Benefits of Time Miner

Benefits of Time Miner

Thu, 27 Jun 2019

TimeMiner creates billable time entries for work you've previously done, thus freeing you from the everyday hassle of contemporaneous billing. It allows you to do your work now, and to bill for it later.

In doing so, Time Miner generates revenue and delivers value.

Why Time Miner

Why Time Miner

Wed, 26 Jun 2019

There are no manual timers to start and stop. Time Miner is automatic and mines your smartphone for billable time on demand.

You use your smartphone for work. Sometimes you forget to record that billable time. Time Miner is the solution that recovers that time, on demand.

Simply open the app, select your date parameters, and Time Miner will generate a report of billable time entries for the given time period.

What is Time Miner

What is Time Miner

Mon, 24 Jun 2019

Time Miner Plus finds past billable RingCentral calls, RingCentral text messages and emails in your smartphone and automatically create time entries for your activity, eliminating the need for contemporaneous billing.

Key Features:

Time Miner Plus for Android and iOS mines your smartphone for RingCentral calls, RingCentral texts and Outlook emails automatically.

For professionals who do business on their smartphones, Time Miner is a must-have, enabling users to capture time that is typically lost.

Most users are surprised to learn how much time they spend working on their smartphones. The average user finds $1,100 per month in time.

We’re here to help